The Winter Blues…

snoopy snow When I was younger I used to do the “snow dance” the night before a snow day and now have the tables turned.  I dread the sound of the phone ringing and their school telling me     that school is closed.  Keeping them occupied in the house is no easy task!  I guess I now know how my parents felt when I had snow days.  The first snow day my kids were able to occupy themselves but now that we are on our third in less than two weeks they officially have cabin fever!  I am sure that most parents in our area are facing the same dilemma…what do we do with our kids when we are trapped in the house?

Video games, movies, TV and iPad’s can keep them entertained for only so long and let’s be honest they are not the best things for their growing minds.  It is hard to think of things to do in the house with your children, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help make the day go quickly in my house.

Letting my kids help me cook is one way that I help pass the time and keep their little bodies and minds occupied.  Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking a snack or all of the above they will have a blast!  Little one’s can use a plastic knife to help cut things and help with mixing and stirring and older one’s can learn about measurements while cooking with you.  You then get to enjoy a yummy meal and/or snack together!

Playing in the snow is another past time that can be used but sometimes it is too cold and yucky to go outside and play.  This problem can be solved by bringing the snow in to the house!  Take a bucket, lay down some towels and let the kids have fun!  Do an experiment by seeing how long the snow takes to melt and store some in the freezer for later.

I always keep craft materials around to keep them occupied as well.  Paint some snowmen or make some fun winter animals with the kids.  You can use cotton balls for polar bears, black and white paper with some fasteners to make penguins and other fun activities!

My best advice though is to keep calm and spring is right around the corner!