Back to school blues or no?


Okay so it is official…there are only a few more days left till school starts!  This is a time for mixed emotions.  You can be feeling anxiety, relief, excited, sad, or even nostalgic because your child is another year older.  Just remember that your child can be feeling some of these very same feelings!

Going back to school can be an emotional roller coaster for your child so it is important to discuss this upcoming event with them.  They could be excited to see all of their friends again and to see who they have in their class or they can be feeling anxiety about who their new teacher is.  If your student is starting a new school this can cause anxiety and fear in your child so having a conversation with your child will help ease their fears.  You may also want to take a drive past their new school so that they can see where they are going.  Maybe even some find some children the same age as your child at the local park so they can make some new friends if you have moved.

Many children don’t like going back to school and dread September (I mean who doesn’t enjoy warm weather, days at the pool or beach and vacationing I know I sure do!) but try to make going to school enjoyable.  Set up incentives for them to get good grades and behave in school.  An incentive chart is a great way to motivate your child.  Offer your child a great incentive for the weekend such as going to the park or getting ice cream if they have successful week in school this way they have something to look forward to on the weekend.  School should be enjoyable for both you and your child!  Remember knowledge is power so make sure you teach your child that!!!!

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